For Car Owners

1. General Questions

Carky is the first company that introduces the innovative model of carsharing in Greece. This is a popular and very successful idea abroad, according to which car owners (individuals and dealers as well) can list their car for rent, fully insured from our company.

Carky offers you a smart way to win extra budget from a car that you may slightly use within the month and stays most of the time at the parking.

Carky connects car owners with people who want to rent a car. This can be achieved through our online platform that offers the necessary technology for bookings and payments.

Carky offers to car owners two ways of cooperation: to Keep and to Assign.
1. To Keep : The owner or legal holder of the car lists the car for rent in our website, noting the days/periods of availability. Carky notifies through email or through the app the car owner every time there is a booking request, and the owner can accept or reject this request. In case of acceptance, a driver of Carky will come to your place to pick up the car on the day of the booking and will return it when the booking is completed.
2. To Assign : The owner or legal holder of the car assigns the car to Carky for a specific time period (which can range from few weeks to few months) and Carky takes over the entire procedure, from booking, transfers, payments and delivery to technical control.

In case the owner Keeps the car, Carky holds 30% of the booking amount and pays the rest 70% to the owner.
In case the owner Assigns us the car, Carky pays a month rental to the owners, which varies depending on the car make and condition.

Listing your car is very easy through the link “List Your Car”. After you have created an account in Carky, you can list your car by inserting few basic information, such as make and model.
Carky classifies the cars in one of 6 categories (Smart, City, Hatchback, Sedan, Executive, SUV), depending on the car make.

Listing your car is free. As a user you have no expenses, only profit.

You can choose the days of your car’s availability and we undertake all the rest, such as bookings, payments and delivery.

2. Insurance

We offer full insurance coverage for the entire rental period to cars listed in the platform of Carky. From our part, we commit to return the cars to the owners in the condition that we picked it up.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we will do a technical control of the car before accepting it in the platform of Carky. After that and at the beginning of every rental, before we pick up the car, we fill in a Rental Vehicle Checklist, which the owner must accept before he entirely assigns the car to our company.

The Liability during the rental period is transferred from the owner to the car renter/driver, through the agreement that is automatically signed in our platform. Consequently, the liability for possible traffic violations burdens the renter.

Our company can offer you full insurance coverage for the rental period in case you assign your car to us for a large time period (eg more than a month).

Carky has chosen certain car makes and models, so that we can guarantee the best possible profit for the car owners. If you want to assign your car to us and you don’t find the make/model of your car in our registration system, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

For the best quality of our services, we accept cars with registration year within the last decade, fully serviced and without damages. If you do not find the registration year of your car in our platform, please contact us for more information.

Of course, you can list your car in our platform no matter in which Greek city you live.

You can list as many cars you want under the same user account.

It is not necessary that you are the owner of the car, but you should be the legal user in order to list it and manage the bookings.

In case you assign us the car for large time period (more than 2-3 months), we can cover the cost of plates and deduct it from the total rental amount that we would pay you. For more info on this issue, feel free to contact us.

Yes, as long as the registered user holds the legal use of the company cars.

Yes, actually many car dealers rent their cars through our platform as this is a great way for them to earn extra budget until their cars are sold.

3. Economic Benefit

Your profit depends on the car model, the rental duration and the way of cooperation that you will choose.
The Assignment is a certain solution for the owners as they have guaranteed fixed profit every month. Keeping your car could potentially be a more profitable way to work, if you have the time to manage the bookings.
To get an idea of your potential profits, you can visit our homepage to see expected income per car category.

The rental amount will be paid to the owner by Carky 15 days after the end of the rental period, in the bank account of the owner. You can insert your bank account in the relevant field in your Carky user account.

No, the rental price is set by us. We use dynamic pricing algorithm that calculates various factors, such as competitors’ prices, seasonality and more, so that our prices are competitive and the income of the owners are maximized.

No, the owner authorizes Carky to collect the rental amount and any extra charges that are paid by the renter for any specific booking, as well as to issue the necessary invoices.

The owner is solely responsible to declare the rental incomes in the income tax declaration.


For Renters

1. General Questions

The requirements to rent a car from Carky are the same as the requirements of rental agencies: the renter should be older than 21 years old and must hold a Greek or international driving license.

No, there is no mileage limit. However, there is an extra charge per km if you surpass 200km per day.

No, our full insurance covers only trips in Greece.

All bookings are prepaid and there is no option for cancellation, unless a serious incident forces you to cancel your entire trip in Greece. In this case, please contact us sending the relevant proof documents and we will refund you the rental cost.